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Islamic Refugee Crisis: Good Samaritan or Maccabean Response? Or both

What would Saint Thomas Aquinas say about the Refugee Crisis? We as Christians are debating among ourselves aboutwhether or not we have a moral duty to receive refugees fleeing Muslim nations. This article is politically incorrect and says things that

The Boring Third Secret of Fatima | Catholic World Report – Global Church news and views

One ofthe oddities around today is the network of conspiracy theorists who areabsolutely convinced that both St. John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVIare unrepentant liars. Thetheory involves some six decades and five popes…plus a variety of characters,including an

About those “20 Minutes of Action”: 20 Things We’d Better Tell Our Sons Right Now About Being Real Men | A Holy Experience

Dear Sons, When you’re the mother of four sons, the Stanford rape case — it’s not about somebody else… it’s about us. Let’s be real clear, boys — I’m never writing you a letter like the father of Brock Turner,

Catholic Church Stands by Priest Banning Pro-Abortion Politician From Participating in Mass |

The parish priest at a Catholic Church in Ireland has prohibited a pro-abortion politician from reading Scripture during Mass. St Colmans Cathedral in Cork wont let Ken Curtin read from the Bible during the service because he is a member

Massachusetts House rejects measure to ban male sex offenders from women’s bathrooms | News | LifeSite

BOSTON, June 3, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Massachusetts is poised to enact sweeping legislation that would open all public restrooms, showers, and intimate accommodations to members of the opposite biological sex. In the process, legislators rejected an amendment that would bar

A Blessed Time: A Review of ‘The Moment is Now’

Pray, hope, and dont worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayer.St Padre Pio *I am so excited to be able to review this book.  It comes out today!  I was lucky enough to get anadvanced