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Mary’s Fatima Messages to the Shepherd Children

By The Editors,   “Please don’t be afraid of me. I’m not going to harm you.” “I come from heaven.” “I want you to return here on the 13th of each month for the next six months, and at the very

Love, the Pope, and C.S. Lewis

Pope Benedict XVI’s 2006 encyclical, Deus Caritas Est, has two clearly distinct parts. In the first it deals with the nature of love and of charity, the highest form of love; in the second it treats the charitable activity of


The ice is beginning to crack in another section of the cold, hard surface of modernity. The part of the frozen lake that is breaking up this time is Darwinism, or at least Darwinism as a worldview with implications for

We are witnessing St. John Paul II’s prophesy of an ‘anti-Church’: Catholic priest

ROME, May 18, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — St. John Paul II’s 1976 prophetic warning about the rise of an “anti-Church” that would preach an “anti-Gospel” is being fulfilled today by leaders within the Catholic Church, even at the highest levels, said