Catholic Church Stands by Priest Banning Pro-Abortion Politician From Participating in Mass |

The parish priest at a Catholic Church in Ireland has prohibited a pro-abortion politician from reading Scripture during Mass. St Colmans Cathedral in Cork wont let Ken Curtin read from the Bible during the service because he is a member of the Social Democrats, a party that supports abortion and repealing the 8th Amendment that provides legal protection for women and unborn children from abortion.

Fr John McCarthy told Curtin (pictured) he would be dropped as a Mass reader because of his support for repealing the pro-life amendment.

[Fr John] said that regardless of my own personal position, either way, as long as I was a member of a party that was a supporter of something against a core Church belief, I couldnt be a lector at the same time, said Mr Curtin, who unsuccessfully ran for the party in Cork East in the general election.

Now, the Catholic Church is standing behind the priest, as Curtin tweeted:

Last night he met for an hour and a half with Fr McCarthy along with the Bishop of Cloyne William Crean. Afterwards, he said he was disappointed that, despite a detailed conversation, his removal from the rota remained in place.

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